About me

I have been working on leadership and management training throughout the past five years with my company, BRITEthink. This has allowed me to train with managers across a range of industries, including recruitment, sport, health and social care, charity, ICT and telecommunications, construction and banking.


The training which I have been committed to, is vocational education within the UK and through the delivery of my content across Europe and The Middle East. In addition, I have developed the BRITEthink platform to be an affordable and practical way for people with new skills which has been designed to help them upskill in their careers.

Throughout my career, I have understood that a community culture is needed to help power increased innovation and productivity in a workplace. From my practical research to working with different companies, I developed my consultancy in this field and have presented practical workshops that give leaders the inside knowledge on making this community-based culture work within a business. The development of my understanding led me to write a book on the subject. Titled “How to Build a Community in your Business,” the book is currently on sale on Amazon and is being published by Motivational Press.