About me

Throughout 2017, I have led 117 candidates through accredited programmes in Leadership, Management and Business in small business to multinational organisations. Alongside this, the development of helping leaders understand the importance of a community based organisational culture in their business has been at the forefront of my work while working remotely across some innovative and forward-looking cities in the world. My passion for building a community focused organisation came from my own front-line experience in which I managed and developed oversea’s holiday report teams across Europe and Egypt.



A Community Culture is needed to help power increased innovation and productivity in a workplace, from my practical research to working with different companies. I developed my consultancy in these field and practical workshops that give leaders the inside knowledge on making this community-based culture work inside a business, this led me to write a book on the subject. Titled “How to Build a Community in your Business,” the book will be launched in Spring 2018 in paperback and audiobook and is being published by Motivational Press.

IMG_6282From my leadership experience in the travel industry to developing a successful marketing and recruitment team, I then opened up my training centre. BRITEthink came from my inspiration to create and guide people through Business and Management information which is taught excellently. Myself and my team have been working and developing productive relationships with startups and SME companies across London, Manchester, Berlin and Tel Aviv with practical workshops and seminars. My passion for high levels of training and development continues in 2018 as I develop BRITEthink as an online learning portal to extend the high levels of learning through our work.