When we think about community, good things always come out of it! Therefore, if we were to develop the organisational culture to a community; mighty things will happen from it. My formulation of a community comes from my community model. We will look at the critical stages of the community. First, this means understanding the current culture to ensure that what you are trying to build is going to have the right fit and the creative leadership styles that need to be fostered in developing the right community.

The processes which form from the initial stage include my theories of the four foundation blocks of building a prosperous community which helps to power innovation and productivity. From the starting block of social capital, we will interlink this with the development blocks of motivation, creative thinking and a sharing economy. All four blocks connect with my creative leadership approaches and drive high communita.

The process in which I develop my ideas on is a creative route which is integrated into a full change management programme that allows the community to take shape with all stakeholders involved at various stages of the cycle. I work with clients on a bespoke package that includes the development of a full community circle or specific elements which they want to see happening within their organisation.

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What I can do: 

I help my clients to solve issues, maximise the motivation, innovation and productivity using my own models to improve the business performance. 

I  provide expertise, objective advice and specialist skills where these are lacking. I will  develop the necessary strategies and structure to help you achieve a change of direction and culture 

I will identify various options to improve the business, make the necessary recommendations and also assist in implementing these changes.



For more information and an opportunity to speak and see if I am the right fit for your new or existing organisation, contact me on

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