Thank you for joining this programme, I have put the course content together in a simple format which will allow you to learn as we go. The information which I have put together on this page are all information which I have been using within my workshops and training sessions.

I will be sending you a web page like this each Friday with all of the information you need. This will then be followed by a Google Doc which will ask you some open ended questions on the knowledge that you have learned in that week. The full programme will take six weeks and a plan of the subject areas are displayed: CPD Timetable


Week 1 – Styles of Leadership 

This week, we will be looking at leadership styles. This is an important area to investigate first as it allows you to understand the different ways in which you can lead. For some of you, you may have a certain style or you may find that you slip into different styles when needed, depending on the situation in the workplace.


Leadership Styles (YouTube) 

This is a recording of a live class which I recently completed with some of my learners in London, YouTube Live

The session will explore various different leadership styles and how this impacts the structures and culture of the business. Something which we will spend more time on in future units. You will notice in the recording, I talk about an additional list of resources which can be found below to support your learning.

Additional Reading Material 

Transformational V Transactional

God’s of Management

Cultural Web

Organisational Structure

Maslow – Hierarchy of Needs


Daniel Pink

Transcultural Leadership and Developing the Future Leader

This slides below contain some great information which I have collected which will help you develop a good understanding. In particular, I would like you to focus on slides 28 onwards. The role of a good transcultural leader plays an important part in developing high productivity and innovation in business, within these slides are two great case studies on:

Indra Nooyi – Former CEO of PepsiCo

Carlos Ghosn – For CEO of Nissan

This should allow you to complete some independent research online on these two people.

*Push 2 Day 1 slides

In addition to this information, I will be uploading some audio this week to this page to help develop your knowledge more.