Free CPD – Creative Leadership

Being a leader is difficult. That’s why most of us end up taking direction from others in our professional lives. But the ranks of the self-employed are swelling, hinting that more people are getting comfortable taking the reins in their own hands. And in fact, becoming a leader (even if it’s just for yourself) is something anyone who’s committed to the task can master. There’s no inherent quality that leaders possess. They’re ordinary people who decide at one point or another to do extraordinary things.

This free online course is CPD accredited and will help you to now look at leadership differently, the workshops will cover:

  1. Styles of Leadership 
  2. Leadership and Organisational Culture 
  3. Developing a Community 
  4. Coaching and Development 
  5. Enhancing Innovation and Productivity 
  6. Implementing 

This programme is ideal for those individuals who are looking to enhance their leadership skills or for companies to help develop internal teams. The Online learning will commence from September, further details will be sent to you in Email.

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