How to Build a Community in your Business is my first book which is being published by Motivational Press

The purpose of this book is to help demonstrate that if you take a community culture and maintain it within a business environment, you can start to see the business and its community members increase levels of productivity and innovation. The publication will be a workbook containing my own theories and business models alongside activities for the reader to complete throughout the chapters.

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The Chapters and Structure


1 – What’s in a community?

A review of the foundation blocks of a community with my own business model of the community circle which will demonstrate the key areas in developing a successful community in a business.

2 – Is the culture right?

This section will introduce the reader to different businesses and communities which have different cultures and aims. The chapter will focus on different case studies from the world of business and social communities,

3 – Leadership in the community

Referring back to the knowledge which has been learnt in the previous two chapters, the reader will now understand the importance of the leadership role within community building.

4 – The role the team plays

Understanding the importance of a collective environment within the community is a key area. Chapter four will let the reader know how clusters form with the community and how to manage people and their roles.

5 – Entrepreneurship in communities

A critical review on how the coworking and sharing cultures which have been born out of the startup scene have changed the organisational culture and how the entrepreneurs and managers can implement this community behaviour into SME and larger businesses.