Corporate Community Coaching

“People working towards a common goal,” is the obvious first answer that many would say if they were talking about the essential ingredients that need to be added to a community, in parallel thoughts to this, we often have an understanding that good things come out of a community, right?

So what if you take the power of a community and embed this within the organisation’s culture? With community coaching and my background, we can create a working environment which powers higher social capital, innovation, intrinsic motivation and productivity!

Working with my developed community circle model, I focus on leadership at the core of developing high communita, this is followed by the five foundation pillars which can be embedded into the organisation’s strategic plans and vision which leaders need to develop in order to bring their community to life.

The crucial five components include Social Capital, Motivation, Sharing Economy, Creative Thinking and Ownership. When developing a corporate community, bringing these foundation steps to life play a vital role with the ongoing development, you need an understanding of the community becoming the business and the creation being something which is fully integrated.

Corporate community coaching is about developing ways of working, thinking and achieving to bring an organisation into a state of higher innovation, productivity and intrinsic motivation. And by analysing the current state of the business, department or organisation, we can drive a culture which supports the need for people working towards a common goal and developing high communita.

I feel that organisations can gain huge advantages from community coaching. Alongside the exploration of different ideas and how the changes in the business can be implemented, we will be developing a focused plan on how to implement the change  with a clear focus on the human needs whilst ensuring the community is something which stays in the business for years to come and supports the growth and innovation that it deserves.